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Just some of the products we carry.
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PowerMix 25:1 premix
•    Covers most engine manufacturers’ recommendations for giant-scale cars and trucks
•    Perfect for beginners wanting a safe and simple solution to pump gas.
•    Provides excellent power and throttle response with plenty of lubrication.

PowerMix 40:1 premix
•    Improved performance for competition giant-scale cars and trucks.
•    Perfect for airplanes that require a 40:1 oil mix.
•  This is the favorite choice of top national championship giant-scale off-road racers. Multi-Time National Championship Winner! 

PowerMix 50:1 premix
•   The most powerful premixed ready-to-use fuel on the market for giant-scale R/C. Warning: Only for use by experienced giant-scale car and truck engine tuners.    
•    Perfect for giant-scale airplanes requiring 50:1 oil mix. 2011 XFC Giant-Scale Race Winner!

Available in Pint, Gallon and 5 Gallon's
PowerMix premixed R/C fuel contains NO ETHANOL and is currently available in three versions, 40:1, 50:1 and 25:1. PowerMix is extremely stable for a long shelf life, lasting for over 2 years in its sealed container, or for several months in the fuel tank of your R/C vehicle. The PowerMix fuel blend has been thoroughly and specifically tested in the wide array of small 2-stroke giant-scale R/C engine applications and utilizes the highest quality 100% synthetic oil on the market. PowerMix produces tons of power, improves throttle response and provides a smoother, more linear power band vs. pump gas. This results in easier tuning and lower engine temperatures – Not to mention eliminating fuel system failures, downtime and costs relating to problems caused by ethanol.
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